Trouble installing G’mic for GIMP portable

If you face Trouble installing G’mic for GIMP or Portable version you are at right place. Please checkout the solution we have provided.

GIMP stands for GNU manipulation program. It is used to retouch photos or image composition. Gimp portable is also capable of advanced manipulation and even, used of animation purposes as well. Now people often have problems while they try to install g’mic for Gimp. 500 filters are offered by g’mic. The range here is fantastic; the film stick emulators to noise reduction and other various repair tools. You can even use some 3D effects as well

Trouble installing G’mic for GIMP

Let’s take a look at how we can address these issues.

Download G’mic for GIMP portable

To install Gmic for windows ten first, we need to

  1. You need a 32 bit GIMP version to fix it. You can get it by going to Google and type 32 but gimp zip.
  2. Now go to edit and choose preferences now select folders and plug-ins, extract this zip here.                                                       Trouble installing G’mic for GIMP
  3. Unzip it there and keep the folder name as same as the plug-in.
  4. Start Gimp and open image it should work easily effortlessly.

The second way to do this installation is to do it automatically. Some packages come packed with their installer. These installers are platform-specific like some only for windows or Linux.

How to use GIMP plug-ins

After the installation of any gimp plug-in, it can be shown in various locations. It can be demonstrated under filters menu or layers Menu, or it can be under in any submenus there. Sometimes you can get a whole menu like script-fu, or sometimes plug-in like raw editor have a separate and different app. So it is always advised to keep all your setup files because we don’t know when it will disappear.

This is the way in which you can address this issue. G’mic offers premium features for Gimp and we can use various other features of GIMP as well.

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