Nik Collection for GIMP – here’s how you can use it

In this automated world, we perform all our work with the help of computers. So being in such a technology-driven world, we all play with editing apps so much that we transform imagination into a different world.  So, everyone wants to have fresh pictures, the edited ones, and then we have Nik plugin that gives the beautiful effects and the more of editing tools in the editing apps. With Nik Collection for GIMP, have high-quality images with different interesting effects and features which arouse a feel in the pictures. 

Make Sure to download GIMP Portable 

Nik Collection for GIMP

Now, when we are talking about Nik plugin, how can we leave the desktop application GIMP, the image editor.  

GIMP being popular among the editors, designers and all other professions, need a plug in to run. Then how to use it without a plugin?  Here, we will give you the solution for this. 

Many many moons ago, then-Google acquired Nik Software in order to bolster it’s mobile photo editing efforts. Now, at the time, we were all wondering what was going to happen to Picasa and then-Google answered that question a bit later with the forced retirement of their desktop application. Then-Google, now-Alphabet, was making a run for the cloud and leaving desktop software offerings in the dust, no matter how popular they were among the masses.

How to Install Nik Collection on GIMP

The Nik Collection doesn’t show in the All Apps of the Windows Start menu as it default installs elsewhere. Which is fine. You don’t need to see it in the Start menu in order to use it, but you do need to know where to find where it was installed, which I addressed above. For those of you who skipped to the end, it can be found here:
On your (Windows) computer go to
C: → Program Files → Google → Nik
Since these instructions are for a workaround, some advanced features may not be available using Nik. In other words, you’ll have access to the most basic features only.
On your (Windows) computer go to:
C: → Program Files → Google → Nik

Then select each folder and copy the “.exe” files to this folder on the desktop, or wherever you want to put them. Personally, I created a folder on my desktop called “Nik” and dragged the .exe files into there. Also note, there are 32-bit executables as well as 64-bit. A 32-bit computer will not run the 64-bit files, but a 64-bit will run the 32-bit ones. This means, you can install the 32-bit executable files or, open the folder for each program, select the 64-bit subfolder and find the executables there.Nik Collection for GIMP

This allows the executables to be launched without having to go through Adobe’s software suite or the trouble of allowing GIMP to access Nik Collection. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass, but not as big of a PIA as the above directions.
Please note: using this method severely restricts the file-system of using the Nik suite, but it does allow Nik to be used without Adobe or GIMP.
Also note: the Nik module will allow you to save the work you’ve done but will more than likely overwrite the original file, so it’s best to work with a copy and not the original if you’re worried about the final product. Heck, it’s probably just a good idea to only work with a copy.


Just install Nik and GIMP, and also you need ShellOut to proceed in your device.  

After the installation of these files is done, go to the program files and check out the Nik collection installed in your device. 

Now the next step, where you have to convert the ShellOut into an unzipped file. And copy to GIMP plugin directory and find GIMP/plugins. Further, open this file in the notepad text editor in your PC. 

Save it and launch GIMP in a new window, this makes it more comfortable as it also includes the Nik Collection, MS Paint and many more. 

Now, choose the Nik collection of your choice. 

But, the file needs to be in JPG files to save it. So, keep the JPG file in your PC and export it. 

Nik plugin allows you to save the file in your PC.  

Use GIMP without worries now, customise your pictures along with 3rd party.  

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