Learn How To Input MIDI Efficiently with Logic Pro X

How do you enter MIDI input when using Logic Pro X?

There are various people who input only with the mouse and those who use the mouse and keyboard, but today we will explain a convenient MIDI input method for LOGIC beginner users, including shortcuts. If you still don’t have logic pro X for your pc, you can easily download it from here: https://lisanilssonart.com/download-logic-pro-x-for-windows/

1. Preparation for the beginning

Right-click on the first bar to the right of the track and select Create Empty MID

A MIDI region will be created, so double-click it or press the editor in the red part on the screen below .

Then, the piano roll screen will be displayed below.

2. How to use the piano roll screen

First, let’s enlarge the screen vertically to make it wider.

The mouse upper right red part and take the up and down arrows because there is, if you move while holding down the left click vertical width of, enlargement or reduction can be done.

Enlarging / reducing the width of the screen

With the left and right arrows in the red part , you can enlarge the vertical screen and reduce the horizontal screen .

3. Basic method of MIDI input

At the top of the editor screen change the left click tool of the mouse button adjustment part to the pointer tool and the Command + click tool to the pencil tool Command When you press, pencil changes to MIDI notes can be entered.

4. Align with grid lines (snap)

Snap is to fit the grid lines. If the left button is ON, it will follow the grid. You can make fine adjustments by turning it off. There are the following six,

  • Smart: Align with close grid lines 
  • Measure: MIDI note moves in units close to the measure
  • Beat: MIDI note moves to a close beat 
  • Division: Move by LCD or ruler unit
  • Tick: Move in minimum unit
  • Frame: A unit in the video called SMPTE

5. How to adjust the length of the sound

You can input MIDI notes with the length selected in the above quantization. After that, move the mouse cursor to the right end of the sound to adjust the length behind the sound. If you bring it to the left end and adjust it, you can adjust the sound input.

How to adjust the strength of velocity

First, set the note color from the display on the left then Select based on velocity.

If you want to change the value of the input velocity, you can fix the input MIDI by adjusting the value of the velocity part on the left . You can see the intensity of the velocity sound by the color. The darker the color, the stronger the velocity.

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