Download GMIC for GIMP portable & Installation guide

Download GMIC for GIMP portable and follow step by step process on how to install plugin on gimp portable. You may like other plugins for GIMP

GMIC, the complex language foreman processing and GIMC, the graphic manipulator. The combination of both enriches the image with more new filters and animations.For the editing lovers out there, here you have a source of presets and animation tools for the growth of your animation.

GMIC for GIMP portable

Now, let us discuss how to extend GIMP with GMIC.

G’MIC is GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing which is used in the form of a plug-in for GIMP. It allows you to add more new features to the original app and make it more innovative and creative.

GMIC for GIMP portable

Download GMIC for GIMP portable

If you don’t have GIMP Portable download from here

Well, it is effortless to download GMIC for GIMP. You have to install the plug-in from its home page. You need to make sure that it will only work if you have a proper version of GMIC to work with GIMP significantly. As the GMIC gets downloaded decompress its files into gimp plug-in directory by pressing Ctrl+H. Now you are done, restart you GIMP and find new filters to get more creative.

GMIC has all its adjustable database that allows you to add customised filters and you can even add specific layers to the image.

GMIC manipulates your image into a three-dimensional data set with the help of its powerful scripted language. And also, adds a variety of colour effects.

Due to its extensibility feature, GMIC automatically adjusts the image into the required window size, and you can also preview the resulted image for your convenience. It gives you full control over windows along with different tools.

Downloading this software for GIMP makes it easier for you to create new images along with about 400 new filters and effects. With many new and exciting features added, such as the additional brushes, animating tools, and powerful high-quality script,  do many wonders with GMIC plug-in for GIMP by creating multispectral images.

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